Miku Hatsune Pepakura in B & W

This is my first attempt on pepakura/papercraft so please don’t hate me if it looks horrible. Why black & white? Well I ran out of colored ink but the eager-beaver in me forced me to print the pattern on a laser printer at my office. Besides I need some practice before wasting any precious colored ink. After lots of cutting, folding and gluing I present to you my first Miku Hatsuna pepakura.

Based on the info I googled, Miku is the character behind a singing software which simulates/synthesizes voices. I just don’t know how that actually works.

Going back to the figure, I downloaded the pdo file from Michael James’ site (really cool site) and ran it on the pepakura viewer to get the spread out pattern. This build is just small with only 3 pages of parts which turn into a 4-inch figure.

I noticed that building pepakura is not as straightforward as gunplas. Even with the 3D guide in the viewer and the numbered flaps it is still difficult to figure out how the pieces would go together without using a bit of intuition/imagination. Some actual building images which come with the file helped out a lot in times when I got lost.

As to the tools, I just use a sharp scissor to cut the parts and special letter-size papers which are thicker than the normal bond paper. With a thicker paper the figure is sturdier and won’t get crumpled easily. It shouldn’t be too thick though as it would be hard to fold or roll it. I also use wood glue since it dries faster and bonds really well.

I think I placed the top hair a bit high but on second thought I like it that way – high and floating. It seems to give more volume to the hair (now I’m a hairstylist ^^) and thus gives more 3D effect on Miku.

Conclusion? I still need practice hehe. By the way I already gave Miku to my girlfriend and she loves it. I think that made the build a success ^^


13 Responses to Miku Hatsune Pepakura in B & W

  1. AS says:

    Awwww, very cute lol. You could always apply a light coat of paint after you make it. It’s very cool, I think I might make one since I finished school and something like this will keep me busy.

  2. shinji says:

    Thanks AS, it really takes some time to make one but it’s really fun. Let me know when you’re done with yours. Happy building ^^

  3. coeli says:

    I do papercrafts!! Well not these days since I’ve so many things to do, with work and school and all. I’ll post a picture of the stuff that I’ve made and show you!

    You should try using oslo paper. They’re soft enough to fold but tough enough to withstand all that handling. Also, it’s advisable to coat them with paper protector – you can buy the spray ones but they’re expensive so I use something like colorless polish. You need to do this because over time, the paper loses color and it gets dirty with dust. But when you coat it, it’s really easy to clean and the paper retains the color.

  4. shinji says:

    Thanks for the tips, I’m gonna look for that polish that you mentioned and yes pls post some of your papercraft works ^^

  5. coeli says:

    You can find the spray ones in National bookstore. In their crafts department. I bought my polish in some arts & crafts store in Festival Mall… The one where they sell origami paper, cross-stitch patterns, etc.

  6. shinji says:

    Thanks again! Good thing the tools are easy to find. National bookstore would be more convenient for me. I got excited all of a sudden. Arigato! ^^

  7. §oL says:

    Omg thats incredible. I want to try it! LOL.

  8. Rokku says:

    Omg, That is damm Cute!!!
    I wanna try to do that

  9. shinji says:

    @sol & rokku: Thanks! you should try it too, it’s fun to have a figure that you made yourself ^^

  10. KageRose says:

    If you use Pepakura 3 there is an option you can turn on that will show you the numbers. It will number the flaps, then number the sides that the flaps will attach to. I was a little confused the first time I printed something out. But then I discovered the numbering option. : ) Makes life SO MUCH easier!

    Happy building!


  11. arts says:


    […]Miku Hatsune Pepakura in B & W « hisashiburi![…]…

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