Today in Class 5-2

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS!!^^ Today in Class 5-2 is a 4-episode comedy OAV based on the manga from the same author of Minami-ke. It’s about the everyday life of a fifth grade class focusing on Ryota Satou, his childhood sweetheart Chika Koizumi, and their friends.


Each episode is divided into 5 unrelated mini-episodes called “period.” It doesn’t follow any single plot and merely presents the small things the students do in school – from doing homework, playing outside, to simply lounging inside their classroom. What makes this anime really funny are the situations the characters get into, which seem ecchi in the beginning but turn out to be innocent and silly in the end. Adult humor on young characters may be weird for some but the anime made me laugh and I enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps it just kinda reminds me of my fun gradeschool days. ^^


14 Responses to Today in Class 5-2

  1. coeli says:

    I haven’t seen the anime but I’ve read the manga. It reminded me a bit of Azumanga Daioh but a little more ecchi ^^

  2. AS says:

    When I saw the male character (I assume thats the male character with the black hair) I thought “he” looked like a girl, Tatsuki, from Bleach lol. Hmmm, echiness with grade schoolers, sounds like another Kodomo no Jikan to me ;p.

  3. choo23 says:

    lol when i saw the male with the black hair. I thought he was getting a free service from a girl LOL

  4. shinji says:

    @coeli & AS: Yup you can compare it to Azumanga & Kodomo but I’d say it has more ecchi stuff than those 2 ^^

    @choo: Lol, it was really funny how he got into that situation. That figure on the right, that was their teacher ^^

  5. Rokku says:

    I watch this show because of the Screenshot from other sites.
    Look funny

  6. Rin says:

    lol, i agree it’s a hilarious show. I read the manga, and it looks like the anime follows the manga quite strongly. Minami-ke really reminded me of today in class 5-2, and now i know why :p

  7. shinji says:

    @rokku & rin: glad you liked it too lol ^^

  8. coeli says:

    Another Kodomo no Jikan? Hehe this is way tamer than Kodomo no Jikan. Well, that’s as far as the manga goes. I haven’t seen the anime of both.

  9. lanie-emon says:

    Had a good laugh when watching this show. And yes, I think that certain area of the neck is sexy, thanks to class 5-2 ^^.

  10. shinji says:

    @ coeli: I have to check that manga ^^ as far as i can remember the anime has a lot of censoring

    @lanie-emon: Yeah i remember that part, that was a really funny episode ^^

  11. coeli says:

    Oh no!!

    (Baka mamaya member ka na ng Loli Brigade!)

  12. shinji says:

    @coeli: lol (di naman po) lol ^^

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