Project SVN

As part of my journey through modern visual culture, I am now officially starting this personal project of mine. That’s right, I’m gonna make my own Short Visual Novel (SVN) lol^^. I already have some background and character images to work on. I’ve also written a couple of short fictions ages ago which are more than enough to form a base story for the novel. In the tradition of Narcissu and since I suck at programming, I’m gonna make something simple, straightforward and linear.

I’m not going to sell it nor widely distribute it. I just want to try it and show it to my friends and perhaps to my blogger friends as well ^^

So wish me luck! ^^


12 Responses to Project SVN

  1. Shin says:

    Holy shi- Good luck on that. I’m actually right helping out a friend make one for his finals, so I know what it’s like. What pogram are you using?

  2. Setsuna-san says:

    Wow. really a SVN??? good luck to you then and remember to send a copy to me when its done.^^

  3. coeli says:

    Naks naman si Shini!

    Don’t forget to give me a copy, okay?

    Announce it in ZFC! I’m sure loads of people would ask you for copies ^^ Benta mo!

    (Pero libre akin a)

  4. shinji says:

    shin, I’m using renpy, I find it more noob friendly than the blade engine. I can’t draw so I’m using free materials I found on the net but the story is definitely mine^^. I’m planning to make something really simple, no frills, just straight story-telling with graphics ^^

    Setsuna, sure thing!^^ I’ll let you know when it’s done.

    Coeli, lol, I don’t know if I can sell it since I’m using free materials but don’t worry I’ll definitely send you a copy (libre) ^^

    Thanks for the cheers guys!!^^

  5. lanie-emon says:

    Good luck on your SVN venture. You betcha I’ll be among the first one to go through it ^^.

  6. choo23 says:

    thats cool and good luck in making it!


  7. Shin says:

    Ah, nice. I’ve actually played around with renpy myself and I agree it’s quite user friendly. Anyway, good luck on it!

  8. shinji says:

    Lanie and Choo, thanks guys^^

    Shin, yup renpy scripts are easier to understand for a programming-illiterate like myself lol, Thanks ^^

  9. AS says:

    Good luck on that and don’t forget to show us ^^. The only svn I do is with my figures lol, just to make it different from other figure sites.

  10. Haha sorry for the long time no reply to the comment you put on my site.Finals kept me busy, and I had no time on the comp.Anywho, I just like to say Arigatoo (thanks) for the comment.

    Would you like to be on my blogroll?And I be on yours? Hahah blog buddies, is what I think you call it .BUt anywho good luck,nice blog ^_^

  11. shinji says:

    AS, thanks, I love your Figure Stories and I think they’ll make a good VN ^^

    NekoYume, thanks, just added you to my blogroll^^

  12. Maire says:

    And so Did I Shinji ^_^

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