Project SVN Status Report

After having a strange dream, a character named ‘K’ decided to return to his hometown.

– done with scripting
– editing on-going
– sampling some BGM and SFX
– reconfiguring menu defaults

If I’ll have more spare time this week and if I don’t get too lazy I think I can finish it by Friday ^^


11 Responses to Project SVN Status Report

  1. Shin says:

    Lawl, nice. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought this was some real eroge and that you were doing the imouto route ^^

  2. lanie-emon says:

    Omg, you, good sir, are awesomeness personified. Keep up the good job ^^.

  3. choo23 says:

    omg omg, now thats sweet.

  4. shinji says:

    Shin, haha lol that is actually a good idea lol^^

    Lanie & Choo, thanks for the support guys, this is nothing compared to other VNs out there. I just had to try it for fun ^^

  5. Setsuna-san says:

    nice setting man (sounds like Key’s work). how many routes are you planning currently?

  6. shinji says:

    Setsuna, thanks. No choices though I’m afraid since I made it a kinetic novel. Yup like Narcissu and Key’s planetarian (I haven’t read that yet^^). Maybe I’ll try to make a clannad-type VN next time but that would really take a lot of time I imagine ^^

  7. coeli says:

    Naks shini!!!

    Copy! Copy! Copy! I want it on CD!!!

  8. super rats says:

    Interesting. Not that I’ve ever looked for it, but I can’t remember seeing someone do this.

  9. shinji says:

    Coeli, me bayad na pag CD hehe lol, of course I’ll send you a copy when it’s done ^^

    SR, there are lots of free renai games out there which are much better than this. This is just my own experimental project lol ^^

  10. coeli says:

    Pa-humble si shini…..


  11. AS says:

    It’s a loli ;p, send me a copy when you’re finished as well lol. Everything looks good, keep it up ^^.

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