Miku Hatsune Pepakura in B & W

December 14, 2007

This is my first attempt on pepakura/papercraft so please don’t hate me if it looks horrible. Why black & white? Well I ran out of colored ink but the eager-beaver in me forced me to print the pattern on a laser printer at my office. Besides I need some practice before wasting any precious colored ink. After lots of cutting, folding and gluing I present to you my first Miku Hatsuna pepakura.

Based on the info I googled, Miku is the character behind a singing software which simulates/synthesizes voices. I just don’t know how that actually works.

Going back to the figure, I downloaded the pdo file from Michael James’ site¬†(really cool site) and ran it on the pepakura viewer to get the spread out pattern. This build is just small¬†with only 3 pages of parts which turn into a 4-inch figure.

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