The Old Bento Box Part 2

February 12, 2008

I noticed that I haven’t updated this category for a while now. So here’s another set from my old collections. Yes, I still have most of them in VHS, lol:

El Hazard: The Magnificent World: When Makoto Mizuhara discovers an old monument in his school and awakens a beautiful woman, he, his teacher, his worst enemy and one of his female friends were transported to the magnificent world of El Hazard. There they discovered that they have received some special powers. Makoto and his teacher Fujisawa land in a jungle and save a princess from some large bugs. Makoto’s friend Nanami lands in a desert. And Makotos rival, Jinnai lands in the middle of the bug’s kingdom and becomes their general, plotting to destroy Makoto and his new friends. After having his attacks repelled by Makoto several times, Jinnai learns about an ultimate weapon, the demon Ifurita. And so everyone sets of to find Ifurita, and when she’s found Makoto learns that she is the same woman that sent them to El Hazard. But the one gaining control of her is Jinnai.

Thoughts: This is one of those early other-world-adventures I enjoyed watching. Artwork, storyline and music are really good. Visible harem element to spice things up but the series has a strong plot to begin with. Two to three sequels followed which are equally good. If you’re looking for a light, entertaining, adventure anime with a dose of Fujisawa kick, you may want to try this one.

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Blood-Over: Doujin Game Review

January 29, 2008

Blood-Over is a side-scrolling game from 9thNight. It is a 3D game way back in Comiket 70, focusing on Shou, a female “Free Hunter” and her Maid Akari as they battle skeletons and monsters. This game is quite popular among doujin gamers. I think I know why – a trigger-happy ojousama, a cute maid with a gatling gun and a lot of monster-shooting action. 

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Narcissu: Visual Novel Review

January 24, 2008

Narcissu, a visual novel by Stage-Nana, tells a story of two young people who are both terminally ill. Not wanting to die in the hospital or in their homes, they ran away together. They drove all over Japan without any particular destination until they decided to go to Awaji Island – to the narcissu fields.

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Today in Class 5-2

January 10, 2008

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS!!^^ Today in Class 5-2 is a 4-episode comedy OAV based on the manga from the same author of Minami-ke. It’s about the everyday life of a fifth grade class focusing on Ryota Satou, his childhood sweetheart Chika Koizumi, and their friends.

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